Autumn Layers


If you live in England you will understand what I mean when I say it's been a bit on the nippy side for August. Would you believe me if I said I'd even dug out my winter coats??? I will say I haven't quite resulted to wearing them but I have been grabbing my trench coat when running out the door in the morning. This is what I would consider an ideal transition outfit, short sleeve thin jumper from Mango's new Premium collection over a short sleeve white vest with my favourite jacket from Next. What are your autumn staples?

Jacket - Next
Top - Mango
Jumper - Mango 
  Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Next

Bella x


Live-Style20 said...

fine look ;-))


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AVY said...

Very stylish, love that blue color.

/ Avy

Chahrazad said...

Nice outfit dear. And I am totally loving your shoes.


Christine Buzan said...

Oh man! I can't believe it's that cold over there--that's insane! You look great though. I love how classic your blue coat looks.


Nicole said...

nice combo, i wish i could wear some layers but my home town is still incredibly hot :((((((
xx nic

Bianca said...

Killer blazer and flats! xx

Barbara de Robles said...

yeah honey!! prettyyy!

Maddie said...

The weather in Latvia has been pretty similar- I am thinking of wearing boots already and maybe tucking into a scarf as well! It sucks that the summers are so short and the rest of seasons are so long!
Anyways, I really like your outfit- the blue coat looks splendid on you & I think it fits your skin complexion and eye color so well! :)

ediot said...

lovely look and photos
e d i o t

Beatriz Jiménez said...

Great outfit!
I love your jacket and your shoes...

Aleksandra Stamenic said...

you look great! I like your style ♥

Amy said...

gorgeous, tis post makes me oh so excited for fall!

Manon B said...

I love your shoes :)
xOxo Manon

katherinelou said...

Love your coat and outfit! The shoes definitely completed it!