Save or Splurge: Hats


I have been obsessed recently with finding the perfect grey fedora, in fact, not just grey but straw, beige, black and navy! I love them! But I do find that it is really important to find the right one to fit your style and head shape. Here's a brief blog post with two different choices (I'm trying to do these Save or Splurge posts on a weekly basis - what do you guys think so far?). The first is Maison Michel, a very popular brand amongst bloggers but slightly out of price range for some (around £295 each). But if that sounds too much, I do believe that I have found the perfect alternative - these H&M fedoras are simply perfect at only £12.99!
I have already snapped up the grey, keep an eye on my blog for different styles.

First pic - The Native Fox (Rag&Bone)
Second pic - Pardon My Obsession (Maison Michel)

2. H&M 

 Bella x


Live-Style20 said...

fine look ;>>


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ThisGirlLovesChic said...


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Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

love these hat!

Sandra Araiza said...

You look great! Love those hats, my favorite is the rag&bone fedora, have you seen it?

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Nicole said...

love it in dark grey!
xx nic

Jane S said...

H&M indeed does some really great hats!

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Aliona Love said...

Nice post idea! Would love it if you could check out my blog xo

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Sabina B. said...

I keep buying hats but never wear them :) But I am definitely thinking of making another update of my hat collection this fall and actually change my habit, as I absolutely love hats as an accessories!

Shekinah said...

Nice fedora hats and outfit. :)


Lulu and Lemons said...

I wish I could pull of a chic fedora... I feel like my face is just too small and seems totally overwhelmed!

Denina Martin said...

I just came across this blog and I really like it. Will be definitely visiting! xx

Samantha Mariko said...

I love native fox! a nice hat is an essential i think - still looking for the perfect one myself!

Mauselmaeuschen said...

Your blog is great, just followed you!

Hélène Heath said...

Sometimes a nice cheapie find is just the right thing to fulfill a craving. Love these lids!

xx Hélène

Live-Style20 said...

nice look ; >>


i invite to me too

Aida said...

I love hats!! Pretty a new post up on my blog about my two new fetish clothing pieces!! I hope you like it!! Kisses :)